What is in a kiss?..

Do people kiss others differently if they felt differently about them?

Let me try elaborate more, say if you were just drunk and wanted a girl to go home with you, would you kiss her differently than a woman you liked. Or a woman you loved?

Say you've liked someone for so long and finally kissed, would that be different?

Even how you'd touch them or hold them while you kissed is it different?

Or are kisses, just kisses?

I mean if you like someone would a kiss be that type of kiss. (Lustful)

This one time I kissed a guy that I liked for a long time and we were long time friends. We were drunk, but I honestly felt like it was sort of passionate? He held my head and the kisses weren't hard, they were soft I guess? Like the way he held my head too, other guys I've kissed never did that. Even my ex of 4 years.

Anyway, forgive me too. I'm oblivious a lot of the time..


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  • It's for connection and intimacy.

    It seems you had a good kiss there.


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