Is dating a good idea when you're a Christian?

I'm not sure how much backlash this will get.. I know Mormon's get grouped as Christians but when you look into their doctrine they have completely different beliefs.

If people think that they don't have diff. beliefs trust me they do, even more different than Catholicism is to Christianity or Protestants.

Not that it matters but the beliefs are so different I don't think it's a good idea yet I wouldn't mind dating a Mormon as long as he wasn't into polygamy and was faithful to me.

What do you guys think do you guys think it would be a good idea for me to date a Mormon? or not really?


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  • Catholicism is Christianity...

    But no, Mormonism is not Christianity. It was given the association to give itself credibility but the fundamental beliefs are far different. Even Islam is closer to Christianity then Mormonism which denies the core beliefs of what is required to be a Christian even having its own "holy book". Christians believe in one God, Morminism believes in an infinite number of Gods and the belief that you will become one. I personally wouldn't date a mormon but it is ultimately up to you


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  • Make your own beliefs... don't make all the same mistakes as your parents - that's what a robot would do.

    Be your own woman, make your own mistakes and learn to trust your OWN advice. :)

    ~ Robby

  • If you really want to date a Mormon, then yes that's very possible.

    Your religion doesn't have any say to that.

  • Well, you answered your own question

    Why does it matter? If such a petty thing as whether or not your imaginary friends are 'compatible' makes such a big difference - how could you be able to solve even more important disagreements and issues which may and most likely will appear in your future relationships?

  • Typical ignorant proddy - trying to claim catholics aren't christian, and mormons aren't christian.

    such bollox.

    catholics are the original christians, you judgmental fool.

    • lol... Thank you very much for your kind words (sarcasm)

  • Catholicism, Mormon's, and Protestants are all forms of Christianity. Just very different forms of Christianity.

    Most Mormon's do not practice polygamy. Only a few still do. The media loves to make a bigger deal out of things than they really are. It makes for a better story that way.

    Most religion's are nothing more than a collection of stories. Stories that have a message that are suppose to help us live our lives. Love your neighbor. Don't covet what others have. Don't cheat on your spouse. It is when these stories are taken too literal, that it becomes a problem.

    What religion is not important. How extreme their views is another matter.

  • What kind of christian are we talking about?

    Protestant, Lutheran , Presbyterian, Methodist, Anabaptist, Baptists, Evangelical,Pentecostals, Brethren, Amish, Non-Trinitarians, Universalists, Unitarians, Quakers, Restorationists, Jehovahs Witnesses, Charismatics, Christadelphians, Episcopalian, Anglicans, Sedevacantists, Greek Orthodox, Coptic, Gnostic or Esoteric Christianity.

    or any of the other 33,820 denominations?

    I'm sure some are quite compatible with the Mormons.

    • Protestant.

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    • lol at amish

    • The Amish sure is a funny bunch.

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  • I don't think you should not date someone just because of their religion unless their religion was extremely different than yours (like I could never date someone who practiced Islam).

    I personally love God and right now I'm dating a fantastic guy who (unfortunately) doesn't believe in God. Although that's a big deal for me, its not a 100% deal breaker because I realize that people change as they grow older and I hope my faith turns him into a believer too :)

    I also wouldn't mind dating a Mormon at all either. They are not bad people and all the Mormons I know, I completely adore. My neighbors are Mormon and they are some of the sweetest people I know.

  • As a Christian dating a Mormon? Is that what you're asking about? I don't know much about the Mormon church, but from what I hear, it's rather different than the Christian one - they stress different values. The polygamy thing also is a factor. Many many Mormons practice that lifestyle.

    I'd consider it dating outside my religion purely based on all the core belief differences.

    • Actually, the LDS church does not practice polygamy at all. Only subgroups that have broken off do. And their values are quite similar. Their Book of Mormon is essentially about Christ, so I really don't understand the assumption that they aren't Christians.