How To Tell Someone You're Taken

A few months ago, I moved to a new state. Soon after that move, I went on a date with this one was OK. Not a bad date, but not outstanding either, and there was something of a lack of chemistry between us. We haven't seen each other since, but she occasionally texts and e-mails me.

Then recently, I went on a date with a second girl who I hit it off with tremendously...she's just fantastic and I could see myself being with her in a long-term sense down the line.

Here's my issue: the first girl still sends me cutesy messages and wants to hang out again...but obviously I want no part of that, since I'm now seeing someone that I really click with. What is the best way to let the first girl know this?
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So here's how it went...told the first girl that I was seeing someone else. She pretended to understand at first, then borderline flipped out later on and launched a barrage of irrational text messages to me while I was at work. And in doing so, she confirmed to me that she's a psycho and getting away from her is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
How To Tell Someone You're Taken
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