Why would this girl not say anything?

So there's this girl I kinda like, but am not sure, so I of course asked her to hang out to get to know her better. We're already kinda friends but have never referred to each other as such, which is why I think there might be something more there. The problem is, I asked her like three weeks ago, and both of us are busy with work and school, so I never thought of her blowing me off or anything. But I just found out from a mutual friend yesterday that she was dating someone and they broke it off the other day, and this was a surprise because she never mentioned that she was dating someone. It kinda makes sense now since she wasn't as flirty or talkative to me for about a month, and I can see why she would be iffy about being with me one on one. But why would she not say she was seeing someone if she wasn't sure about doing something with me alone? I'm just a bit confused because if she was blowing me off she would of just said she was dating someone, and if she wanted to hang out but couldn't, why didn't she just say that? And yesterday she actually seemed as flirty and talkative to me like before, but still never mentioned having had a boyfriend. I'm thoroughly confused right now.


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  • She was keeping her options open.


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