Do you think he will text me? I need some advice or a comment or a thought please.

SO last year, when I started 1st year in uni I met this guy who was also in my class, and I liked him the moment I saw him. At the time I couldn't tell him I liked him because my former best friend liked him too, so I just left it for the time being.

When my former best friend went into a relationship with this other guy, I decided to tell him that I liked him as more than a friend.

This went on for a while, and he said to me one evening while texting each other, that words without actions mean nothing. So I went around his house and when he opened the door I just pushed him against the wall and kissed him, and then I said 'my words even without actions mean a lot'. and then I left his house.

First time he kissed me twice and then I kissed him twice, and from there we started talking again by texts.

So after a year and a half of just saying how I felt about him and did nothing about it, and after doubts, arguments and not talking for two months last year...Yesterday when I was shopping for food in the supermarket, around 5 in the afternoon, I was in the wine aisle and I thought of him, and so I texted him right there:

Saying 'Hey I was wondering, fancy watching a film this week sometimes, and I'll get the wine'

He replied 'Sure your boyfriend won't mind?'

I said 'What bf?'

He replied 'I thought you were hitched'

And I said 'No I am not, what gave you the idea that I have a bf?'

He said 'Just thought you did'

And I said 'Well no I dont'

He said 'Why the change of heart suddenly?' and I said 'I have been doing a lot of thinking during the time we didn't speak to each other those two months' and He said 'well this doesn't make any sense, some explanation would be good' and I said to him 'I will explain when I see you' and he said 'well I am free this evening and I am all ears' and I said 'Sure, just give me a couple of hours to have dinner and get ready'.

So I did, and he met me halfway since I didn't know where he lived, and when we arrived at his house we stayed in the living room, while he finished eating his dinner, which he started before he met me, and watched a film with his housemate.

After the film was finished we went up to his room and watch another film. While we were watching the film he couldn't stop moving around in bed arranging the duvet and I said while laughing 'could you please stop moving?' and he said 'make me' and so I turned around and kissed him.

From there things got steamy and heavy and we started having sex. And I spent the night with him.

The next morning (today) I left his house and we kissed on the lips and said 'see you later'.

He hasn't texted me today at all and neither have I.

So I just want to know, do you think he will text me? How long should I wait until he texts me? Should I text him?

Any advice or opinion, will be more than welcome from both guys and girls. Thanks :)


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  • No idea whether he will text you or how long it will take him if he does. There is no way for us to tell. If you want to talk to him or continue to see him then I think you should just text him, you can't control his actions, only your own.

    • i wanted to text him today but I don't want to look desperate, because I am not to be honest, but I don't want to loose him either.

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  • seemed like he is just siting back, you doing all the work. he is okay w. or w/o u.

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