Any insight on this guy's intentions?

Met a guy at a party, we talked from around 1-2 AM about our remarkably similar taste in music. Got his number, left for home. I went back a couple weeks later and saw him again, we spoke for close to 3 hours about anything and everything and he kissed me. He asked me to go somewhere more private but I politely said I'd rather not. He seemed fine about it, kept talking, invited me to a group date, I left for home. Group date ended up not working out due to scheduling, I suggested we meet up another time and he invited me immediately to his place. I said I'd rather go somewhere else, and he ended up unable to meet at that time. I unexpectedly was able to see him that night and he was drunk out of his mind, trying to make out with me at every opportunity and chased me out the door begging me to sleep with him. He apologized for the way he acted and hasn't texted me since. All along he's been good at responding to texts but not so much at initiating conversation. I'm interested in giving him another chance after this drunken mishap, but do any of you have any idea what is going through his head? Does it seem to you he wants sex exclusively, or is he perhaps nervous about starting up a conversation via text? Is it even worth continued interest on my part?

Thanks in advance. :)


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  • Based on the long conversations you had together I would say it's more than just a sexual attraction, at least it seems that way. He may think he blew it with his display drunken lust and that's why he may not be initiating much with you now. Just tell them you know he's embarrassed but that you're willing to give him a chance if he can control himself and not be a horndog around you all the time.

    • hahaha, I might just tell him that.

      "Bro, I will give you another chance if you will stop being a horndog."

      Thanks. I am giving him until the end of next week to initiate and if that doesn't happen but he confronts me in person I will probably say something like that. :) Thanks!

    • You don't necessarily have to use that specific word, lol. But I think you get the general message that needs to be conveyed. This guy needs to know your boundaries and that you expect to be treated with respect if he is going to spend time around you.

  • I was about 50/50 on all he wanted was sex, then you said he chased you out the door, begging for you to sleep with him... sounds like he really wants to sleep with you. Nobody can ever be 100% sure that's all he wants, but it honestly seems like it IMO.

    • True. He was so drunk though, but that likely made more of a metaphorical window to his desires. He wrote me the next day saying that wasn't him at all, but maybe that's something guys generally do after rejected drunken sex proposals.

    • Yeah if you agreed to sleep with him, he would have just said sorry or something, if saying anything at all, and your right about the metaphorical window, he apoligized because he let himself slip and showed what he's really after. When your drunk ,your impatient, and when you want something, you want it right then.

    • I'm really certain you're correct, he's not putting forth any effort and it is doing nothing but wasting my time. :)

      Thank you for your help!

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