We've been on Two dates, no Kiss but lots of Texting

So I have been talking to a guy for a week or so and we decided to meet up for drinks a few nights ago, we had a great time and I think he may have wanted to kiss me at the end of the date but I wasn't sure and just turned it into a hug. He texted me about 15 minutes after our date (presumably when he got home) and said he had a good time and we both agreed we'd like to do it again. The next evening, he texted me after work and because of our busy schedules the only time we could see each other was the following night, so we agreed he would come over for a movie. The day of our second date, we discussed plans a bit and he definitely had an opportunity to cancel, the weather was bad and he had a long day, but he came and we sat together and watched a movie, I was expecting there to be some physical element to our date, but there really wasn't. He scooted in so our sides and knees were touching but that's it, I tried leaning my head on his shoulder so that he would know I was interested but nothing came of it. After the movie we talked for a few minutes then he had to leave because it was late and he had work early, I walked him out of my building and was hoping he would kiss me but he just hugged me and left. After he left I kinda just accepted that he probably had lost interest but then about 30min later he texted me to say thanks for having him over. (he didn't mention having a good time though) Is he just being polite or is he interested?


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  • He's really interested. Based from his body language (knee/sides touching), he really is attracted to you as well.


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