He just stop replying my text....

A guy I met a month ago from my overse trip was interested in me and was planning to see me soon. He told me he would make a decision to meet me when he knew what his work schedule like. We have been texting each other for awhile and spoke on the phone once. He would usually reply my texts within a few minutes but my last text went unanswered. My last text was asking him about his work schedule.

I didn't text him anymore because I thought he might be busy. He has told me that he would be busy this month.

It has been 5 days since my last text. I am not sure if I I should text him or call him or just wait for him to contact me.


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  • Text him again. Don't let this opportunity to know more about that guy go away.

    • I think he has lost interest in me already. Even if I text him again, what should I write? I don't want to be seen chasing him or looks desperate.

    • Simply ask how is his day, and continue from there if he replies.

    • Do you think he would contact me if I just wait for him to initiate contact? He told me to write him an email which I did but he never replied that email. And I was the one who always initiate contact with him from the beginning. And when he didn't reply my last text, feel a bit rejected and beginning to think he was just not that into me. I think perhaps reality has set in and I was just a 'pleasant memory' for him.

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