How do you define gold digger? No woman wants to date/marry a broke man. Not once in my life have I ever heard

or read from a woman...

"I'm looking for a low income/broke man to date."


It is usually terms like "Financially stable" or "Fiscally responsible."

So, in this definition, then 101% of women are gold diggers.

n the other hand, I have a much better gauge for such a thing. If, by date 3, she isn't paying for anything...GOLD DIGGER. Is she dating the guy because she likes him or does she like what he can do for her? Actually, for her to prove she is not into him because of his money, she could be the one to plan, initiate, execute, and pay for the entire date. That would indicate her strong level of interest in him.

Unfortunately most women I've experienced feel entitled to the mans resources.

"Whoever asks is the one who pays. Since I asked him out, I payed for our first date."

I hate this. Because its a convenient way to be an individual who refuses to pay for anything.

"As noted in the histogram, a great majority of the women, 93%, preferred to be asked out -- only 6% perferred to do the asking."



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  • My definition of a gold digger would be an individual who refuses to pay for anything. This includes not just dates, but essentials for his or her own life at his or her own place of residence. I.e. he or she gets their partner to pay for their rent, food, gas, etc. Some go as far to want their SO to purchase a car for them.

    The way my relationship goes is this: Whoever asks is the one who pays. Since I asked him out, I payed for our first date. If he wants to go the the movies, he will pay for the tickets, but I'll usually cover popcorn/drinks so it basically evens out. If he wants to go out to eat (going out is usually his idea) he pays for both our meals and drives.

    I'm really not impressed by the amount of money he spends. Our best date is still the day when we drove to the beach in late August and just played on the play set. Not a dime was spent.

    • It includes everything in the relationship. If I want to go to the amusement park, I'm paying for tickets and gas, if I want to go to dinner, I'm paying. If I want to rent a movie, I'm paying...that way we each pay for what we want to do. I also am the only one with a job in my relationship, so I pay for most of it anyway. That's also why I'm content not to do anything lol.

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    • good for U. you are not 93% of women.

    • That's because I am freaking awesome!

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