Is interracial dating socially acceptable?

I know that racism has been abolished from North America for more than a decade now, but still sometimes total strangers people I've never even had a conversation with or said "hi" to stare at me like I'm somekind of zombie among the living. -_- I'm just a Latino dude...hard working and a great dancer. Girls for an unknown reason flock around me like flies when I'm working out. It's like they show off in order to make me lose my focus. Often times, when I do my routine work-out and girls approach me. I get the visit of a group of 2-3 white boys that talk more than they work-out. They don't do anything to attack me or insult me that's the weirdest part they just accidently block my work-out space. I'm able to deal with them quickly by asking them to move while I work-out eventually they stop trying. Every time it happens I get even more girls working out close to where I work-out. Strange phenomenon.

So there's the experience behind my question. Is interracial dating socially acceptable? or are these guys just jealous that I can attract white girls and talk to them with ease when I need the machine they are using?

I'd like to understand is there somekind of Taboo about interracial dating?

That segregation is no more, Some anonymous dude pointed out my mistake.


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  • Yes it is for the most part however there are some ignorant people that look down things like interracial dating.


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  • It's not socially unacceptable in general. But there are still some people who hold on to outdated ideas.


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  • Interracial dating has been socially acceptable ever since you were born.

    Also, if you really like to be a girl you like, then you won't think of nothing else even disregarding the thought of interracial dating.

    Those guys are just jealous of you.