Photo Editing IS A MUST

Everybody edits their photos and sites like Hollywood Photo get rich. I used to think it was a waste of $ but learned that camera lenses distort and render bad lighting that make you look worse than you do in real life! Edit them, look great on Facebook, get more online dates, I am officially sold.

If you want your pictures to keep sucking and wonder why you get no attention from the opposite sex, keep posting crappy pictures of yourself.

I have found having great photos of yourself is a major confidence booster as well.



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  • Huh... I checked out that site, because a site that makes your photos look like real life sounds awesome, but looking at the samples, there were tasteful albeit dramatic photo edits. That model had no acne and yet her skin's pores were "too gross" to be showed on there? Bleh.

    That being said, I am all for the use of adequate lighting! Sunlight is best. The camera does add 10 pounds too, and makes attractive people look less attractive IMO. Also some contrast and red-eye fixes are a must.


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  • I totally agree with you. And, I really like it when girls do the duck face when taking pictures of themselves.

  • Simply upload your photo and choose the desired background online. There's a lot of interesting backgrounds as a backdrop girls and men.

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