How do I show my feelings in written communication?

I've been chatting w/a woman I met through a dating service. And e-mailed me if I have feelings for her, to show it in my e-mails.

And she's afraid to fall in love again,but we are taking it slow. Can someone give me some examples how to show emotion in a e-mail? And I'm confused is it possible to take it slow and fall in love?

When we chat on the phone it's usually on average for over 1-2hrs. A day.

maybe 2 times a day talking on the phone

Will other women tell me to do the same thing?


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  • It's not how you write it, it's what you put in your emails. If you have feelings for this woman, just write to her in an honest way, and tell her how you feel about her. And yes, it is possible to take it slow, and fall in love. The slower, the better. The more you write her and talk to her, the better you will get to know her. I have a buddy who uses the online dating services to line up sex partners. Every couple of weeks, he has a new one. Has sex with every one; usually after meeting them for a couple of days. How shallow is that? A player to the max! I have known my girl for almost two years now, after meeting her online. We took it very slow, and I couldn't be happier. I would never find a girl like her again, no matter how many I dated. Good luck!