Reasons men don't call - but what are the REAL reasons?

I've read so many times that if men don't call they're really not interested. I don't mean calling you after the 1st date stuff - I mean all week from one date to the next. Lots of eye contact a few hours during the week, then a "I'll call you" - which he does - as promised - but 2 hours before you're due to go on the date!

I also have to initiate the calling (which I don't do often). I also read that if I don't call - he'll wonder why and call me. It's been the same - a week and no call/text - ok he's ill - but his fingers aren't broken! He also hates the phone stuff - yet is really lovely while we're together.

Just starting to get really frustrated and a little annoyed!

****Ok we 'did it' early on and I thought he'd lost respect for me, but when I brought up the subject playfully to ask if he had 'gone off' me, he said "No way -are you kidding?" So don't think it's that!

Please help guys!


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  • I don't understand the problem. Who is this guy? Or is it multiple guys?

    The reason a man doesn't call is because he doesn't want to call.

    Why does he not want to call?

    Many possible reasons.

    -Might dislike phones.

    -Might be testing you.

    -Might enjoy making you sweat.

    -Might be too nervous to call.

    -Might not see any reason to call.

    -Et cetera, et cetera...


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