Am I in trouble when it comes to dating?

Throughout my entire life of dating. I've slept with a few women here and there. This has lead to me have slept with a few women along the way.

The issue lies to where I've slept with incredibly gorgeous women. Which at that moment, wasn't an issue. Of course, the relationships dissolved, and I'm still friends with most of them. Now, the concern is about future girlfriends; as I am dating a girl right now.

She is beautiful, and has many great qualities, but she of course does no compare to the girls who look like "Victoria Secret Models" in a way. The basic idea is that it is hard to date someone of lesser looks. This isn't about being just visual, or the idea that it's all about looks. The idea feels as if I had ridden the Dueling Dragons at an amusement park, and now going back to the twirling teacups. How does one cope?


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  • It seems that your standards are high. If you want to go those Victoria model-like women, then you should go for them. If you settle for something less, you're just compromising your dating life.

    Though it really depends on you. If you want the girl you have now, then simply go for her, and make her the happiest girl in the world.