Hey guys! Do you always text a girl when you like her?

So I like this guy, and I'm pretty sure he likes me. Whenever he sees me on campus he comes and says hi, we've hung out a couple of times, and he is always very nice and sweet. However, he doesn't respond to texts a whole lot. He only write a few words, doesn't continue the conversation. Are there some guys that just don't text? Even if they like a girl? Or would he text me more if he like me? Thanks!


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  • Yes, there are really some guys that don't text. They usually say that it's not their thing. You should not try to over analyze things just because of texting factors.

    Though, for me, I would text girls I really like. Not a lot, but many so that it will remind her that I'm always thinking of her.


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  • that is a excellent question! I think he can possibly like you since he actually texts back something then nothing at all. is he a shy or outgoing guy?

    • He isn't the shy type per say, but he isn't like super out there or anything either. Everytime he sees me he makes a point of coming over and talking to me, and he always smiles at me and gives me hugs all the time. He's a few years older than me, but I don't know if that bothers him at all. doesn't seem to. I'm guessing he just isn't much of a texter. But I'm not either, I only am when I like somebody lol

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    • I just don't really get that many opportunities to just hang out with him, he's not much of a texter, and I don't see him on campus all that often. He's three years older than me. we're both in our twenties. I think that maybe he's waiting for me to let him know I like him, cause he has made the first move every time we see each other. I would go up and talk to him if I ever saw him!

    • oh I see. that is quite difficult for a guy to be like that. oh OK, well then you should show him that you are interested as soon as possible lol. that is good that he makes a move when he sees you, but that's just saying hi and a hug. has he made another more physical moves then the usual type of moves?