What should I know about dating a really tall guy?

I am starting to date a guy who is athletic 6'3" and I am 5'3" and skinny petite. It is already awkward that I looking at his chest when I stand too close. His hand is huge compare to mine. The tallest guy I ever dated was 5'10 so it is a big jump. Anything advice or should know?


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  • The only difference would be in respect to hugging, kissing, basically all the physical stuff.

    Kissing: He's going to have to get low, so try meeting him half way (get on your toes)

    Hugging: You may have to hug higher, like you're trying to go for his neck. You'll probably end up wrapping your arms around his back, which is fine in my opinion

    Hand-holding: Should be any different from any other guy. If it's awkward, I suppose you could hug his hand.

    Not sure if there's anything else, but if there is just name it.


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  • He's just a dude like any other dude. If you feel uncomfortable due to the size difference then maybe it's not for you.

    • It is not that I feel uncomfortable with his size. I had a guy who was 6'7'' that pursue me and I just wasn't into all into that guy personality but I am totally turn on by this guy personality. I just want to know logistic on kissing, hugging, and so on.

    • He'll have to bend down more. Heels might be a good idea when you go out together. Or you'll need to sit down beside each other more than some other couples. It's really not a huge deal logistically. After a while you'll figure things out together and any initial awkwardness will be a distant memory.

  • There's nothing different about dating a 5'10 guy and a 6'3 guy. It's just that your displays of affection are affected. It might be a little harder to kiss and hug him.

    Simply, be yourself, and let the relationship flow.


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  • He's the exact same thing as every other guy on the planet only a little taller than most. My boyfriend is 6'5 and I am 5'4. It's really not that different.

    • I find it awkward just cause I am more used to dating guy that I don't have to step back to look up. Advice on kissing, hand holding, hugging, etc.

    • Don't let him squeeze your head when hugging. That hurts. :p And stand on your tiptoes when kissing.