Should I text my date and say I had a 'good time'? does it seem like he is interested?


So I went on a date yesterday with this dude from my gym (he asked me out). I thought that the date went super well...we ended up talking about few topics but had a lot to say about those individual topics so there were no awkward silences. We even chatted in his car for like 15 min after he dropped me off at home (in my drive way). Then I hugged him goodbye and he hugged me back and told me he had a fun time. I replied by telling him I had a great time as well and he said 'we should do it again sometime' and I agreed and suggested a possible place (we had previously talked about it during our date), he smiled and said he will see me around. Anyway, today is the day after and he hasen't called/texted me back nor have I gone to the gym. I was wondering if I should text him tomorrow to tell him I had a good time (since its a little late to text him now). Or should I add him on fb? or wait for him to text?...regardless I will see him at the gym...


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  • You should really text him.

    Ask how his day is going. Also, saying "have a good time" will work.

    Take all chances you can get so that you two can grow more and be in a relationship.

  • yes , why not it is just a text ,


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