What if the guy told you he is not ready to be serious to you?

situation is like this:

when you are with each other it's like you felt there is something of a spark, you hold hands, he kiss you. it's like you are boyfriend and girlfriend then after that day he will text you for a few messages but after he will not surely text you anymore. Then one of your friends asked the guy about the two of you, then the guy told the friend that it is just like he is not yet ready to take things seriously with you and afraid that he might hurt you. What's the meaning of that?


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  • It just means that he's not ready to be in relationships yet because he wants to take things slow, and is really serious about being committed for a long-term period. He's a great guy.

    • well, that is what I am thinking as of now. I hope that things really meant like this!Thanks so much!:)

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