Dating: being suspicious and acting aloof until I open up.

I notice that most girls tend to act extra nice around guys they might be interested in dating. They act sweet, wear pretty clothes, and they know how to flirt. I can easily see the point and don't blame them at all. Problem is: I act the other way around! If there's someone I like then I get defensive. I kinda "study" them but won't pay them extra attention. In fact I might provoke the guy a little bit or act aloof. I'm not into mind games, that's just how I am. I find it really difficult to open up until I get to know the person better. It takes me time to be my true self and let go. How off putting is this when it comes to dating? Does it lower my chances a lot?


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  • I think it can be off putting. Some guys may like the challenge but without knowing that you are interested in them most guys would probably just write you off. I think being aloof or a bit of a challenge is OK but there also has to be some amount of flirtation or at least some sort of expressed interest for most guys to pursue


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  • Well, you will get all the players, but you will have bad luck with the monogamous guys.

  • I agree with the madhatter4 men are not mind readers and if you don't show any interest they will not bother because they think your not interested and may only end up with cocky egomaniacs. Try to find the reason for your behavior but don't change just to please people


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