1 date, promises the world, says he's super interested then nothing.

Went on a date with a guy for drinks. It Went well, he spent a ton of money, great place as well. I was interested in him, being he seemed like he had himself together. He has a great job, and seemed normal compared to all the other men I have dated. And I appreciated his ability to show interest.

I had a great time, but I'm sure there are many red flags I missed out on.

On the date, he asked me to kiss him? Er... I just ignored that. Also he brought up his female best friend... how great friends they were and If things don't work out with anyone else he will marry her? I didn't even comment... just shrugged that off too. I thought the female waitress had a great hairstyle, and dress and tried to compliment her.. but he wanted to beat me to the punch?


Oh man, in retrospect maybe this date wasn't as great as I thought. But I did have a fine time, I'm not insecure so none of these things really bothered me.

The next day, he asked me if I could see myself with a guy like him... and I told him... I would have to get to know him better to really know, but I was interested and open to him.

I asked him the same question in return, and he said "Oh Yes! definitely see myself with a woman like you"

I want to take you out more.. its very obvious... etc. etc. I see a future with you... etc.

I accepted that, but didn't put too much weight in what he said because I know how men can be.


Than he kept trying to schedule several last minute dates with me, or something I didn't really want to do but suggested we maybe try something different? I refused every time he tried to see me last minute, and told him that I was definitely interested in him, but I told him cannot do last minute dates. If he wants to see me all he needs to do is give me a day and a time, 1-3 days in advance.

I don't find that to be a lot to ask, its actually the most simplest element of dating.

Anywho, He said he understood and hoped to see me soon... and havn't heard from him sense.


I guess my question boils down to this. Why do men suck?

Why do they promise you things, without even knowing you. Tell you they see themselves with you...than disappear because you ask for simple things, like a day and a time.


*when he suggested we do something that I wasn't too into, I suggested we could maybe try something different. wasn't very clear above


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  • Just let him go, he sounds flaky. I would never expect someone to do last minute dates if they said they needed notice. People work, or have other obligations that prevent them from being available at random times.

    Plus this guy sounds pretty sketchy. I know you said it doesn't bother you, but I think there is something more about this guy that is just not good.

    I would let him go. Find a guy who is willing to plan ahead with you, instead of trying to fit you into any part of his life that you will fit.

    • your right. there were other things as well... looking back that I probably didn't take into consideration. I guess I am immune to picking up on sketchiness because I have literally seen it all.

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  • i don't know some guys are like that , maybe he though he could impress you or was trying to get sex I really have no idea what his plans were . I think maybe he came on too strong and tried to move things too quickly before each of you had time to even think them over .

    • really mind boggling, thank you.

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  • Just let this one go into the wind..