How do I get her to just meet for simple coffee?

Ok... I met her back in January at a formal event. She was with her girlfriends and I I had to go over and say something to her. I say, "Hi, I just want to let you know that I really am a fan of short hair." She smiles and starts touching the back of her head. And so we have a very nice conversation (approx 20 min.). I gave her my card. She liked the colors and even gave me a playful critique of the font size. I really liked that... shows that she had to potential to care about things that mattered to me. I then said, "That is my card but I'm not going to leave it up to you to call me. May I give you a call?" And she smiles again and says yes with no hesitation.

The pretty lady, who looks absolutely wonderful in heels, then tells me that she's job hunting. And I said that's cool. I'm a freelance professional. So I know how that goes. I didn't want to hog her from her jealous girlfriend. So I gave her a half of a hug and she made it into a full hug... with me planting a little kiss on her pretty little cheek.

So that was Saturday night. I so wanted to call her the next day, but I waited until Monday at 10am and left her a message. A couple of days went by and then on Thursday, I call again. I go to vm again. She sends me a text message and says she's going through taking care of her very sick mom, and she's looking for a job. And that she would reach out a little later on.

So I waited, and she never called. Valentine's day rolls around and I send her a ecard via text message. She responds, "thank you... same to you."

I've sent her about maybe a half more text messages... most of which have gone unanswered.

She is so like "the one" but I know that her actions are not giving me what I need. I understand that life throws us curve balls. She also mentioned when we met (for some reason) that she's lost a lot of weight. So I take it that she's really consumed with herself and getting her life in order. I get that completely. But how do you get a foot in the door on this one?

We both live in LA. I'm from the south. She's from the bay. I just want to have coffee with her. I am confident that once she sees me again, the chemistry that I believe we felt will kick in.


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