When two people dating have never been kissed

So I went out twice with this guy and we are going out again this weekend. The problem is that done of us have been kissed before, we are both 20, so I'm a tad concerned that no one will make the first movie for a LONGGG time, and it will be a huge fail. Has this happened to anyone before , that you and the person your dating have both never been kissed?

please tell me I have hope! LOLL


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  • It doesn't mean that if you still haven't kissed, it means that your relationship will not work.

    Of course, it will work. It's just that that the two of you are still not open to such things at the moment. Give it time. That kiss will come soon.

    • what I mean

      is that both of us have NEVER kissed anyone before ha ha

      like we've NEVER had our first kiss with ANYONE

      so I'm wondering how big of a fail it will be when we do

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