To all the ladies out there who use online dating services

Is there something about online dating that is preferable to meeting guys in the real world which I can only assume is as easy as walking out of your house? Thank you in advance for any and all feedback!

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  • A couple of things I'd say.

    1) You're letting people know you're available and you know they are that makes asking out and getting asked out a lot easier.

    And no meeting guys in the real world is not easy, at least it wasn't for me. I know I'm not a totally bad catch and I found it very hard to find dates.

    2) Most people are fairly blunt with their intentions. Those that say they only want sex in their proflie you can avoid right away.

    You also learn about them and their goals,morlas,ideals through their proflie and that's a good thing because sometimes when you meet in person and they're very charismatic you sacrifice things that are very important for you in a relationship.

    3) You get more choice, you get a lot of emails and can talk to several guys at once

    4) particulary if you're shy or insecure talking online first can be easier. Then later when you meet you're already a bit more comfortable

    Three is also the downside. In some weeks I get huge amount of messages. Sometimes something 17 a day and a whole lot of them start the same way. You go over the same stuff again and again,which can after a while make feel more like work

    • What do you mean you go over the same stuff over and over again that it starts to feel like work?

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    • Why did I ask the main question? Or why did I ask you about your response?

    • the main question

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What Girls Said 3

  • Well, I do online dating because despite being out and about a lot, I don't seem to meet anyone :(

    Any guys I do see are either married, or taken. So I guess I'm not going to the right places, but I don't even know what the right places are, so it's just easier to do online dating :P

    Plus I like being able to screen people a bit. It's hard to know when a guy walks up to you in a bar situation whether he has the same interests, or whether we are compatible. But online it's a bit easier.

    Plus you can message back and forth and get an idea of who they are and what they like.

  • I love it because you can weed out the weirdos faster. Plus you don't have to waste cute outfits on people you haven't gotten to know a little bit. By the time I get to the point of actually wanting to meet a guy, I know I'll like them at least as a friend.

  • Yes I think so. You get to know a little bit about the person (or what they want you to know) if you are looking at someone's online profile where as when you go out to meet someone, you know nothing about them the moment you meet them other than what they look like.


What Guys Said 1

  • as a guy I don't see what the advantages would be as when I tried online dating I failed miserably , didn't even get a date when I was online , just found the whole thing a bit frustrating and wasn't even sure what the girls online were looking for . but maybe there are aspects about online dating that some girls find appealing

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