Profile critique please?

Ive just made some tweaks to my online dating profile. I mainly added new pics because I guess the 2 close up pics I had up there by themselves with my red hat on were god awful and I guess I was suffering from some kind of mental impairment when I put them up, so could I get a profile critique please? Thank you in advance for any and all feedback!


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  • Photos: Women are more emotional by default. None of your pictures did you smile. Try posting up some more carefree smiling pictures to get your audience to warm up more to you.

    About Me: Try to connect with the type of woman you're looking for. You did well in describing who you are, but what are you looking for in that special woman.

    First Date: It's good that you gave an idea of what you would like the 1st date to be like, but try to express some flexibility. Some women don't like coffee and wouldn't want to go to a place where the menu will limit their choices.


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  • You're good looking (no homo), but add more pics. Try having more pics of you outside of your house, a few of you smiling, and doing things you love. If you like to play guitar or draw, post pics of you doing that for example.

    As for the profile itself, it's good but it's cliche. Women have probably read 10 profiles exactly like yours before she event stumbles on to yours. Express some opinions, even a few controversial ones, because in the end the more specific you are, the better matches you get. You're better off with a lot of women loving and a lot of women hating your profile, than all women thinking it's good but nothing special.

  • tell me about those tweaks because I don't see any changes.

    • Any changes from what?

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    • lol I guess you can! I added two new pics.

    • listen, the whole things is just insane.

      pictures - crap:

      1. you're an IT guy? just look at the quality of pics - disastrous

      2. lose the hat

      3. smile

      4. get shots in some better environment - currently everything looks so sad and depressing

      5. get some proper clothes

      text - boring:

      generic. look at other profiles. everything is the same. you can find thousands of other guys with almost identical profile. chicks don't care what you like, they care if you're funny and interesting.