Long Distance Online Dating Site?

For personal reasons, I am unable to have a local relationship right now, but I feel extremely lonely. I have tried online dating sites such as OkCupid, but I find myself being rejected on the spot because the women there wanted something in person. Is there an OkCupid of sorts for online dating?

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~Lonely Anon

I would eventually meet them online, but again, for private reasons, I am unable to have a relationship in person at this time, but I still want someone. Starbucks, malls, and that sort of thing are not what I want.
I am still intrigued by how someone thinks I'm an undercover spy. Alright, I'll say it.

I don't have much stamina. Because of it, I'm forced to choose between having the energy to work or the energy to go out with people. I am, however, very lonely, and wish I had a relationship what does not drain me, and still gives me the mutual romance with someone.

Now, answer my original question. Is there an OkCupid of sorts for long distance relationships?
So there really is no alternative to OKCupid?


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  • U must be like a spy or undercover?

    Well regardless of it as it is not my business, I doubt that a relationship can be maintained only online. I would suggest you to have one night stands which is much easier without strings attached. The other choice would be to quit your job and find one which allows you to enjoy your life as you wish.

    • I'm definitely not a spy, nor do I have that kind of occupation. I want something more than one night stands.

    • I was just joking, do you not enjoy physical interaction? Do you have social phobia or something?

      If it's a phobia you should try to fix it with a psychologist, because just chatting will never be enough for women.

    • Yes to physical interaction, no to social phobia.

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  • :-(.. Well, how is it dateing then if Ur just talking on line eventually wouldn't you want more?

    So Ur just looking for a friend to chat with?. I'm noisy lmao..I wanna know what's keeping up from actually dateing in person?

    • I cannot say why without revealing myself. I'm asking this anonymously for a reason.

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    • Are you looking for men or women exactly?. And how old are you?. Your age group seems to be pretty young

    • Women, I'm 18.

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  • OkCupid is really good if you find the right girl who's searching for someone like you. They are also good for long distance relationships.

    Though, it's really preferable if you hit on girls which are around you.

    • As I said, I've tried OkCupid, but to no avail. 99% of the time, I'm shot down on the spot for wanting long distance, and the other 1% just doesn't work out because of lack of mutual attraction, either on my part or hers.

      I was really hoping there'd be another way.

  • Man get the hell off them dating sites and get out there! Starbucks and the Mall, drive down to them and your chances of seeing attractive women are very high. Just sit down at a table at the mall or Starbucks and stay about an hour and see if women set near you and check you out.

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