Crushing on someone I've never met

I have this feelings for this guy I've never met in person. He lives half way around the world.

We met on MySpace in 2008, and started talking a lot. Chatting, calling each other. Talking to him helped me through rough times and made me the strong girl I am now. He always knew what to say. He used to stay up until 5 in the morning which is 5pm at where I'm at just to talk to me. We sort of 'dated' but you can't really call it dating as we've never met. He said he was gonna visit me one day and all those cheesy things like marry me and stuff. haha.

Well, as time went by we started talking less and less. But he was there when I needed to talk. We kinda grew apart. I thought he was sick of my constant whining. So I tried to not be such a baby and accept that I'm here and he's there, it's stupid on having a crush on a person I barely know. So I tried dating other people. It's weird, even though I'm dating people here, I'll always wish it was him I was dating.

We didn't talk for a year or 2 I guess.

Then he sent me this letter saying he apologizes for not e-mailing me or Facebooking me as there is no internet at where he is now and he missed me terribly. He had to mail his friend to get my address. He sent the letter a day after his birthday which is kind of sweet I guess. He was sorry for not being able to get to know me that well and he apologized, and re-introduced himself.

He told me his goals in life. To have a career, a family of his own, and promised a girl that he was going to visit her one day and hope she remembers. If not, its fine. I hope she remembers now.

That really made my day. Just knowing that I crossed his mind for a bit reallyyyyy made my day. I know those are just words, but I really don't know what's wrong with me.

It took 3 weeks for me to receive his letter, so I'm still waiting and hoping he writes back. I miss him terribly.

I know its stupid for having feelings for a guy you've never met for almost 5 years, but that's just how I feel. I stopped responding to the guys here because... I don't know. Well... What should I do?

Is this what guys normally do to girls?
We never really officially stopped dating but we kinda grew apart. So I guess it's not really a long distance relationship, as I dated other people and I'm guessing so did he. Or is it? In the letter he said 'talking to you always made my day better. You may not know this, but talking to you helped me through rough times. You are a friend I wouldn't want to lose'

'Friend'. So... Not really long distance relationship I guess... or is it?


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  • It seems that you just need to stay strong. Your patience will soon pay off.

    You're engaged in a long distance relationship so it's a bit hard. But the rewards will be huge when you finally see each other.


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  • Wow, now that's what you call a long distance relationship. Those are a bit risky but it seems as if you guys have become really close. I mean, do what your heart desires cause if you don't your always going to have that "what if " feeling.. hope this helps.