Should I move on or am I being silly

I've been dating this guy for a few months and this weekend was my birthday weekend and I am staying in a hotel for this music event that is on.Anyway I asked the guy if he'd like to join us for the beach/dinner and chills at the hotel.he said yes,he had some car stuff to sort out but would come see me after.anyway come 6.30pm still no message so I texted him asking if his car was sorted,he said he was still working on it,then I asked if he was coming.he responded no.and I sarcastically said thanks for letting me know.he then said he told me he was gonna be busy.i then said yeah but a simple text to to let me know you couldn't make it would have been nice.a few more texts where exchanged then he didn't reply or say I right for being pissed off that he didn't bother to text me and that I had to do it first or am I being a drama queen.should I cut my losses.

Well he text me this morning to wish me a happy birthday and then I replied saying thanks and I hope he sorted his I wish I didn't reply cos he didn't reply after that.i was hoping for a sorry about the other day,ill make it up to you.but nothing.i don't understand guys sometimes.


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  • You're being silly. It must be that he got so dirty, and there are still a lot of things to fix on his car that he can't attend to his phone. You must give him chances to catch up.

    If you'll move on because of that simple matter, you're missing up on a great guy.

  • When we get busy, we forget things. Car issues piss me off and make me flustered if I can't fix them (I'm a car person so it usually isn't an issue). Don't put yourself in his shoes because you would probably perceive the situation differently. Instead, think of something that would really stress you out (if you're an A student and hate getting anything lower than an A, imagine an instructor gave you a B for mistakes you didn't actually make), and outline how your day would go.


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