How long should I wait before we talk about whether we are dating?

Over the past month in a half, I have hung out with a guy 5 times (each time 4+ hours) and we have been intimate. Due to both of our schedules, we haven't been able to hang out more than that and we'll text every couple of days.

When (and how) do I have the conversation about whether or not he thinks we are dating? Is that even something to bring up at this point?


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  • why don't you ask him now?

    this guy I've been seeing, we had sex on our third date, we meet 2-3/week,and we never brought topic about exclusivity or title stuff, but I just know we're exclusive..

    I was confused in the beginning that he just want fwb, he even mentioned fbuddy before ugh.

    then he's been very affectionate, caring, contacting me everyday, telling me how he misses me likes me how he works on this relationship and we hav great situation and stuff.. and he wants to hangout outside bedroom too so I know he likes me more than that.

    I actually asked him before if we're fwb, and he asked me back if that's what I want (my guy friend told me that means he doesn't want friends with benefits because if a guy just sees you as friends with benefits he'd say yea rightaway.) so you can try ask him like that...

    Then I tried another shot lol asking him if he minds me dating others, which he said he doesn't care :( but I know he cares because he gets real jealous every time someone texts me and he alwas checks on guys who texting me. so you can ask this too lol or try to see if he gets jealous in case your guy too say he doesn't care lol

    Another one, lol We're flirting and he told me how we have a great sexual connection, so I told him "enjoy now, because it won't last forever." and he went all crazy kept asking why it won't last untill I answer lol I told him I was talking about like few years from now because I don't think we'd keep having sex by then unless we get married. and he laughed, told me he really likes me and we're having a good situation.

    so you can try this one too lol like try to test him ya kno

    we also asked each other if we're dating someone elses, and we both claimed not.

    so I think we're pretty much exclusive just without label. I see sometimes guys saying they don't understand girls looking for label so much when it can just naturally happen.

    so try to see those signs. we don't have label, but I just know he likes me and cares me...

    listen to your gut!

    oh also, he's been telling me he likes me alot, and he tries to make me tell him I like him..which I never done. so hopefully my guy also talks about exclusivity soon :( haha

    we've been dating little more than a month!


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  • It seems like he's just treating you as a friend with benefits.

    Although, you can still turn it into a relationship. Spend more time with him outside of sexual territories, and talk to him a lot. Try to encourage him to take you out to dates.


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  • Crap I'm going through the same thing! We went on dates and on the third one we had sex, its been two weeks after and I'm still waiting for him to mention something about becoming official. He told me he really liked me but that was it :/ I know it sux to be confused like that

  • it's too late. you're pretty much only a f*** buddy now.

  • OMG you should have talked about this BEFORE you f***ed him! If you haven't had the talk, you're not dating. And if he hasn't brought up the talk, then he's comfortable with the fact that you're not dating. Guys are pretty territorial when it comes to the woman they really wanna be with. It's odd that you can hang out almost daily and have sex, but he never mentioned being your boyfriend. In my experiences with guys who have really wanted to date me, they've asked to be my boyfriend before we even took our clothes off.

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