Can you keep someone interested if they lost it already?

Last year I met a guy being the first one intriguing me after my teenage. He hit on me first but he was alwasy quite aloof and didn't show enough interest for me to feel secure. After some months we just didn't keep contact anymore.

Recently, we text each other again. If I text him, he'll reply right away but with very short sms. Both he and I say we should go out for coffee some time but we never actually gone out anymore. I know it sounds pathetic but I'm never in any serious relationship before so I also not sure if I oftern think of him because I really like him or I just need some romatic event >.<

My question is: Do you think if it's possible or how to raise his interest again? Thank you~~


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  • I think it is tough but not impossible to try and get a guy to be interested again. For now you and him are texting each other so that's a good start. I hope one day you and him can actually go out and get that cup of coffee. It can be hard to if you and him have very busy scheldules and stuff. I think just as long as you and him stay I ncontact then it's possible one day that you and him will meet up. I feel he sends mix signals because he seems like he interested then he sends short sms and you and him texted on and off.I think anythign is possible and if the texting continues hopefully it will lead to something more.Things take time to develop sometimes.

  • He didn't lost interest in you. It's just that you don't have sufficient time/plan in your hands to actually realize the things you say to each other.

    Simply, get the coffee meetup possible. Text him a lot. Call him if you would like it.


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