While cuddling, he held me closer whenever someone were going to see us?

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There is this guy I'm 100% sure has a crush on me. Anyway, we were at a party this Friday, and we ended up being 6 people staying at his place. Everyone except the guy and me went to bed "early". I didn't, because he forced me to stay awake with him. The other 4 people shared his bed. (Yes, 4 people in one bed), while we sat in two chairs in front of his desk watching stuff on his computer. I was deadly tired, and eventually figured out he would only let me sleep if I rested ON him. So I started out sleeping on his shoulder while grabbing his arm, and true enough, he didn't try to wake me up at all.

I never fell asleep, but he thought I did, we stayed like that for 2 hours, I think. Though, whenever someone else from the bed woke up and started to move, or had to go to the bathroom he made his grip tighter, and would generally just make it even more intimate.

When 2 hours passed he "woke me up" and told me he needed to go to the bathroom, and afterward he would make space for the two of us in the bed. (Yep. Now, we were 6 people sharing one bed. Sounds impossible, but it actually did happen).

We had so little space that everyone had to spoon with someone. We had a girl and guy that had a complicated relationship with each other, so they could cuddle. While we had the unlucky guys cuddle with each other, because there weren't enough girls. (Lol, they were honestly the cutest of us all. :D) And then "the guy" and me cuddled. Though, we cuddled in many different positions throughout the night. It was VERY intimate, I tell you. But then again, whenever someone else woke up, he made sure to make his grip tighter, hold me closer and make it even more intimate than it already was.

Let me also make it clear, that we've never really done this stuff before, and no one knew we had "a thing" for each other. So was he trying to show off or something?

And this guy is very bold and confident.


If a guy makes his grip tighter while cuddling with you in bed, whenever someone else has the chance of seeing you with him, what is the trying to say or show the World? I really don't get it..
While cuddling, he held me closer whenever someone were going to see us?
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