Why hasn't he contacted me?

I've been talking to this guy for about two weeks. We talk a lot and we've been on one date. The date went really well and lately we've been texting non stop. But now I haven't heard from him in two days and I'm starting to wonder what's going on. Why hasn't he texted me? Please help!


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  • Girls always notice this. At the first few weeks or days, a guy is noticeably active in getting to know you. He constantly text's, chats, and calls you. But when a guy stops for a day or two, all hell breaks loose. Honestly, just ask him. More than likely he's tired and needed a small break. Or maybe he had an emergency. Don't fret over two days of no talking, it's perfectly normal. If a week goes by, now that's another thing.


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  • It could be anything! Family emergency, job overload, etc. Why not just ask him...?

    • We are friends on facebook and we'll just say it isn't any of those.

    • Well, it's only been two days! That's practically nothing. A small break here and there can't hurt anyone...besides, you said the date went well and you texted nonstop for awhile so there's definite interest there. Sometimes, you just need to come up for air.

    • Also, men aren't as intuitive as women are when it comes to communication...so for you, it's strange and worrisome; for him, it's probably normal.