Guys! Age Gap-- dating younger?

I'm 18, he's 28 He's showing a lot of signs that he's interested and wants something more than friendship, but he hasn't asked yet. Guys, how would you feel towards dating someone much younger? Have you done it before? Did you have a lot of problems?


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  • I have never done it.

    I used to feel differently on this matter. I thought it was just sh*t creepy. I mean I can honestly say that only a thousandth of a case is where you'd both look the same age. You probably look and act a lot younger, as you should.

    But sh*t... I mean we live in a complicated society where our motivations are not really clear etc... I'd say if it feels right and you've considered it objectively (basically take all of your emotions aside and reconsider, does it still make sense for it?) ,

    go for it...

    Best of Luck, stay safe


    • Hey, thanks for the comment. I never really thought about the whole "we-probably-look-really-weird-together" aspect lol. He looks around 24 but I guess we would still look a little strange. You're right, motivations and intentions are still pretty cloudy. Thanks again for the feedback, I guess a rain check would be best.

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  • it is possible but you are very young so I would be careful, he could just be out for sex.

    do NOT give it up to him (Sex) until you are in a real relationship

    judge his actions very carefully. he could be full of sweet talk, cuddles, kisses, and all that, but judge his REAL actions like if he tries to include you in his life and meet the important people in yours and introduce you to those in his. does he REALLY open up to you as a person?

    i dated a guy 12 years older and learned the hard way.

    • Thanks so much for your input! I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I know I'm definitely not thinking of sex right now, and I'm not sure if he is but we haven't really gotten much closer than lengthy conversations. He seems genuine, but you're definitely right about the real actions-- I know that people aren't always what they say they are and I'll definitely keep a lookout. For now, maybe this relationship isn't such a good idea... thanks again!

    • well him getting to know you first is good. mine started bringing up the sex fast. we weren't friends first just started going out together so that made it more pressure as well. I hope your guy is genuine unlike mine. and another thing to remember...don't know about how you guys look but my guy did NOT look younger than his age, and I get mistaken for younger a lot. so I probably looked young enough to be his niece, maybe even daughter if he was a young dad! (though we didn't look alike yikes!