Does she want to be chased or did she suddenly loose interest? Help...

Hello, I've been seeing this girl for about a month and a half. She worked at this cafe that I go to all the time. We always talked, and one day I got the guts to ask her out. She was thrilled and gave me her number. We began to talk and text all the time. We've gone out on four dates so far and had a blast. Each date got pretty physical, but we didn't actually have sex until our most recent date. The date ended perfectly and all was good. We even talked about arranging another date some time soon.

But since our last date her behavior is confusing me. I always have to initiate any form of communication. We mostly text. She actually prefers it. If I text her she texts back, but she won't initiate anything. Last week I texted her and asked if she was free to go out on the weekend. She never responded. So I texted her a few days later to see how she was and she immediately apologized for not getting back to me about the weekend. She said that she was crazy busy.

So I guess I'm a little confused. What's going on? Should I pursue this or give up?


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  • I'm a girl and I agree with EasyEC


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  • By asking her if she was free on the weekend, that created a lot of pressure. What if she said yes, then she may feel obligated to say yes to whatever plan you come up with (which may sound like a horrible time to her).

    Try proposing a plan to her to join you in some activity you think the both of you will enjoy. Use voice communication over texts more often.

    • Hmm.... Good point. I didn't think about that. I can see how that would create a great deal of pressure. Thanks man!

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