How can I get closer to a professor of university and start date with him ?

i like someone in my school ,he is handsome and still young ,first he started to smile at me several times first I wasn`t sure if he meant something or not but now i`m absolutely sure that he is interested in me ,i want to get closer to him but actually he is not my teacher and the time we see each other is limited so what can I do


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  • If he's a professor now, simply stay on your grounds and don't attempt to date him.

    It might cause him to lose his job, and it's really hard to find a job in this economic climate.

    Simply start finding a new guy of interest which is comparable or surpasses your professor.

  • Most, if not all universities have a policy against professors dating students. You're going to cost this guy his job if you decide to pursue him. You can however get to know him on a professional level (go to office meetings, hours, etc.), and once the semester/quarter ends, I suppose you would be free to do whatever you please.


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