Is he interested or is just in my head?

This guy in my group for a project I think might like me but he hasn't shown any interest other than glancing. I talk to him like a friend, he doesn't stare at me full out or anything.

Here's what I mean.

1) During a group meeting at table...I was talking to another person in front of me and then I stopped. Was looking at my computer and then I noticed for the corner of my eye someone glancing at me and it was John.

Then 10 secs later he did it again for a few seconds.

2) The following week during class I was sitting one seat away from him. Turned my chair towards the group doing a presentations but only a little (so I guess I was facing him more but barely) but I was texting on my phone. He glanced at me once, twice, and then again each for a second or two.

Do guys do this when they like a girl? I mean he hasn't ever texted me (has my number) or anything or added me on fb.

Your thoughts?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, it means that he really likes you a lot. Though, he doesn't have the confidence to hit you up, it's still clear that he's interested in you.

    • Then what should I do to make him make a move.. like he's not shy or anything he talks quite a bit.

      I'm terrible at flirting.

    • Simply start talking to him, and spend a lot of your time with him. Even if you don't flirt, as long as you're always close to him, that's what really matters.

What Girls Said 1

  • It looks like he likes you.