How do I achieve from 2nd to best?

I'm not oblivious, I know what kind of situation and girl I'm dealing with. I would just appreciate some opinions.

This girl broke up with her boyfriend 2 weeks ago, and she hit me up first because I assume that she was looking for a rebound.

We've been friends for about a year but there's a hint of chemistry between us. For the first week and 2 days we've been hanging out she would call me cute and enjoy wrestling me and can not stop touching/poking me. Our relationship is VERY unique, all we do is inside joke and laugh. No drama, no pain, just smiles.

However ever since we've been hanging out she's been texting a coworker of hers constantly. Telling me how she thinks he likes her and how she's not that interested in him.

But now the past 5 days she hasn't texted me yet. I texted her today to find out that she's been hanging out with him the past 5 days and assuming that she's moved on from me to him. She kinda blew me off too but in a way where she's putting me on the shelf as 2nd best.

My prediction: If I ignore her long enough for her to compare the two of us, I'm sure she will come back to me. But this is where your opinions come in, how should I handle it from there? I disagree in coming in too strong.


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  • If she's hanging out with the other guy more and blows you off...

    Then you're in a situation where nothing can become better but only worse.

    You play the role of prevention, in other words don't f*** things up for yourself.

    You're a dependent variable, you have no control. However if you are dealt the right cards

    then make sure to significantly compare the differences between you two INDIRECTLY!

    You'll win the competition if you receive a 2nd chance.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Seriously, ignore her and move on. There are plenty of bitches in the sea and many of them won't rank you number 2.

  • She's unsure who she likes. She's not obligated to date you, but you're not obligated to wait around for her. Move on.


What Guys Said 2

  • Simply spend a lot of your time with her. If you want to achieve 2nd from best, constant hanging out together is the key. It lets her spend a lot of her time with you, thus grows closer to you. If you depend on texts as a source of communication, you're treading a thin line.

  • Why would you even want to bother with some chick who plays you like that?