Says she likes me but doesn't seem to want anything serious?

I became involved with a woman I met through a close friend. I'm in LA and she's in NY, but last time she visited we hooked up. I went to NY and stayed with her for Spring break and we had a really good time and had sex pretty much every day for a week. The last day I asked her about our status and she mentioned that it was "complex" because she really like me but that nothing much could happen because we lived so apart, etc. She then used the term 'undisclosed', as in our association was undisclosed.

I'm not expecting a long distance thing, but I'd like to know if she'd really have something more than just a fling with me provided I lived in NY or was it something to sound nice and not let me know she doesn't want anything serious. I'm too chicken to ask her directly but am considering doing it in person when she returns.

BTW, she's one year older.



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  • I think you should move on to another woman.