Casually dating a guy who has several online dating profiles/actively seeking other women...Worth it or not?

Is it bad that I'm offended by this? I mean, we're not an official couple or anything, and we're casually going on dates--but I guess I'm just idealistic in that if a guy hangs out with me and likes me, it should be only me. We've been on and off talking/going on dates for almost five months. I figured if he doesn't like what he sees in me, then he should tell me outright and move on to the next girl. None of this simultaneous business. I've already cut him off once when I found out he'd been hanging out with another girl while talking to me--but he came back and told me he didn't want to be cut off. So, now I'm trying to keep my cool, and am also dating other guys to keep my options open, and to prevent from becoming too attached to any one guy.

Maybe it's hypocritical of me, and I know it's unrealistic in this day and age of online dating...but what do you guys/gals think of this? Any advice for me? Am I being completely unreasonable?


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  • You're not unreasonable. It's completely unreasonable that you're still dating a guy like that.

  • Not worth it

    You're not special to him, you're replaceable

    Arguably being that way is one of the most hated and despicable things for any female, but maybe you're different...


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