So I am so confussed?

Me and this guy were texting everyday and he would text me good morning and good night. Well anyway we haven't talked or seen each other in about 2 weeks. I finally see him and I wave and he salutes...

Why in the world did he do that..please guys help me out

Why didn't he just wave back


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  • I think you should not worry about this too much. When I like a girl, I do not wave back like a maniac either. You should just talk to him or text again and see how that goes. If he seems less interested or something, then you can get a little worried.

    He is probably not the kind of guy who waves or he was just thinking about something. It really does not matter why he didn't wave back.


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  • You shouldn't really worry about that. It means he just acknowledges your presence.

    Great guy.


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  • A salute? A casual one or a legitimate one? Haha!

    That's weird. Why haven't you guys talked in two weeks? Did something happen?

    • It was a casual salute yep it caught me off guard.