Kissing a scruffy guy! IT HURTS! Any way to reduce the irritation?

I think guys look great with scruff. So my boyfriend always has some scruff, he never lets it get to a full out beard.

Anyway, when we make out it kills my skin! My chin gets so red and hurts from his scruffy face.

Is there anything I can get him to make it less painful for me?! lol... like a mouisturizer or something? If you could show me some products that'd be great!

Or maybe is there anything I can do for my own skin?


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  • You have nailed it, if your boyfriend just rubbed any moisturiser all over his face where his scruff grows, after a week or so, it would no longer be course or prickly, it would be soft to touch and very gentle on your face. I had the same problem and after using moisturiser, I have never looked back, the girls love a soft face on a guy but even more so when his midnight shadow is just as soft, so get him to try this for you, as you will be amazed by the results. Once every morning should be fine, and even get him to condition it when in the shower, this will also help and stop you getting sore,x

    • what kind should I get him!? What do you use?

    • Just use an emolient cream or a moisturiser that is non greasy, these would work fine, I use an E45 emoliant cream, works a treat,x

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  • Moisturizer is a good idea but for him, not you. If you can get him to put some lotion on his face to keep the hairs soft it could help. That's about the only thing I can think of.