Will I be able to get a hook up on prom night with "friend date"?

Mon- I asked her to prom

btw these were originally sent to someone else

(Also we only see each other at lunch and on tues and thurs my school has extended lunches)

Tues- I don't see her because I leave for lunch

Wed- Everything is going well and then she asks me "We re going as friends right?"

And to prevent awkwardness I was like"...ya..

Later that day I texted a mutual friend to see if she really wanted to go as friends and the mutual friend confirmed

Thurs-Kinda awkward lunch we didn't really talk much but I was talking to a Girl B at our table that I used to like that is possibly the best tease in the world btw

so lunch ends and one of my friends (My date's ex) tells me that Girl A (date) was thinking of backing out

so I get a little pissed offso anyways I tell about 4 of my friends that I'm thinking about backing out on Girl A and taking Girl B(the tease)

so fastforward later that day I'm driving home and texting Girl A you know we re having a fun and playful conversation

then out of NO WHERE I get a text saying from her saying,"Hey actually you should take Girl B to prom"

Then I was like , "What makes you say that" then she is like "Cause I mean why would you ask me when you like Girl B, like that's stupid haha, you would have way more fun with he if you like her"

I say "She doesn't feel the same"

she says" But I mean why didn't you ask her as friends" and blah blah blah

She says "i mean I ll go. I just don't understand why you asked me then"

and this goes on for a little before I say

"Lets just go as friends and have a blast! Its prom night, you only have 2 more. We ll do pics, dinner, prom and party with everyone. Also I rather go with you than Girl B."

She responds "Alright! That sounds great!"

Fri- We send a few funny texts to each other when she says

"Hey Joe, Ryan(The ex I was talking about) keeps telling me you wanna back out, if you do then just tell me. no hard feelings."

I say"Ryans lying..I Haven't said anything to him"

She replys with two message along the lines of if you like then just ask her

then I say Stop it. I want to go with you.

She says hey I'm sorry

we don't talk for the rest of the weekend

Then today at lunch she seemed really pissed so I kinda just mingle with the few other people at our table, not camilla lol

then towards the end we start talking and laughing and sh*tt and then I talk to her one on one and asked her why she kept sending me those messages

and she says "It was because of ryan he was really pissing me off"

And she said she ll text me so we text today and it went good so

that is my prom drama lol

Personally, I think she got insecure and jealous

and that may be able to make it more than just friends prom


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  • Nah don't go for it. She needs to make the move not you. You said were going as "friends" and you guys awkwardly discussed the topic like five time. So this mutual understanding is set in stone.

    • Would grinding be out of the q if we are stuck at the friend level?

    • Some girls grind and or twerk, ontheir male friends it just depends on what kind of girl she is. Have you seen hey grind on guys? If you have wait for the perfect song to come on and take her to dance. Don't forcefully get behind her. She had to take the initiati e to get in the grinding position first

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  • I would go for it. Maybe ease into it first to kind of see if she is also interested in just being more than friends.


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  • It will come off in your vibes and presence if you have intentions like hooking up for a friend.

    You should just go enjoy your time at the prom. Have the most fun in there. Hook up will flow if you make her feel she has the best time with you at that prom.

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