Why do I solemnly date guys that are "uglier" than me?

I've had so many comments on my ex. Everyone says "he's so ugly for you" and "you could do so much better" but in my eyes he's extremely cute. I find extremely dorky and awkward guys attractive. This new guy I have been talking to also seems to notice himself that I'm "out of his league" The other day he asked "why do you even talk to me? You're way too pretty for me". Why does everyone else think I talk to "ugly" guys when I don't think so myself. I also find guys that are "hot" to everyone else ugly. Why is this?


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  • Well.. you just love them for their personality and maybe they're cute and those people have NO taste. lol

    Personally.. I think some guys are cute just because they look kinda weird/ nerdy lol sometimes looks doesn't make a person a person and someone semi cute or so so can turn out to be hot once you get to really see them for who they are


    sometimes the hot ones in societies eyes are the douche bags lol.. yeah they may be buff, blond, muscular and "hot" in societies eyes but they aren't really "attractivge" because they are just about sex, don't treat woman right, are selfish and all that crap

    if the guys a nice guy, great personjality and semi cute or cute to you he prabably IS attractive and the naysayers just haven't gotten to see them for who they are but luckily you have


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  • Beauty being in the eye of the beholder. If you were cool with your previous boyfriends then f*** what anyone has to say about who YOU date


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  • To each his own.

    We all have our own opinions and preferences. Just because one person does not find someone attractive, doesn't mean the other person feels the same way.

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