Wants me to be his girlfriend after one week and a half? Is that possible?

I knew this guy through FB, he's a friend of my friend, after doing some investigation about him (I managed to dug out some info from my friend, she said he's decent) we went out for a date. the date was great, we had been texting a lot even since before the date, the sms could easily reached 100 per night as he replied all the text in short time (sometimes he made me think did this guy actually just keep staring at his phone or what?). My friends said he seems a bit obsessed with me, a jealous one too, but I'm fine with that (I'd been with worse). During our 1st date he mentioned about girls wanting to be his girlfriend but he turned them down because he doesn't want to mess his head with love issues. Last night we chatted and he just asked so when we can be couple? And I was like it's in your hand, I mean you're the one who said you didn't want a girlfriend before? And he said well, that was before but it's possible for now :)... I am not sure what to think, is it possible to ask a girl to be your girlfriend just after knowing each other a week and a half? We had great chemistry (he got electrocuted when his hand brushed against mine by mistake on our 1st date, it was hilarious!). What I know is that guys in the place I live, they will hang out with lots of girls, treating them like girlfriend, but one thing they will not do easily is to declare the relationship as they want no string attached, but this guy proposed after a week and a half? I am not sure what to think? I like him a lot too, should I just go with it?


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  • Don't do it. The expectation of sex comes with the label of being your man. It's too early to conclude that he is genuine about committing to you or not. There should be a high level of knowledge and time spent together before determining whether to commit to someone. Perhaps going on more dates with him to get his perspective on things that matter to you, watching how he interacts with and treat others, and meeting his inner circle may help you make a better a decision. If he likes you so much after one date that he is willing to commit to you, he shouldn't have a problem with waiting to get to know more of you in order to do so.

  • Just go with it. He's not asked you to marry him. Have fun.


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