Why doesn't he like talking to me anymore?! Please help

So there is this guy and we're not dating, but I like him and he doesn't know. I live far away from him so we don't get to see each other often. He used to talk to me everyday by messaging me on Facebook or texting. And he used to seem like he enjoyed it too. Now, he has been messaging me less and less and talking to me less I general. He messages mea good deal but not as much. But, when he messages me he's not that into it. It seems to me like it's a chore for him. He ignored me all day then at night he messages me and tells me to video chat. I do, and it's so much fun and he smiles and I smile. I love it. Then I have to get off and the cycle of not talking to me repeats until the next day on video chat. Why doesn't he want to message me anymore?


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  • It's because the the two of you can video chat now.

    Or perhaps, the fact that the two of you can't see each other physically is taking a toll in your relationship.


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