Dating dos and donts?

So my ex and I have been broken up for over a year and we barely talk now since we've both moved on,so now I'm talking more to one of his friends ,its just a friendship now ,but I m having feelings for him now ;me and my ex went straight into dating and I was intoxicated when we first went out,it was a short relationship and no sex,is it wrong to date his current friend? Will I be called names ? and his friend have a great friendship and bond really well compared to my ex &I.


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  • It's not wrong to date his friend.

    They're just friends, and it's not as if that person is his brother.

    It seems you have a great bond with his friend. Pursue that.

  • It depends, how long were you with him exactly. I would say if it was over 3 months you'd be a bitch for dating his friend. DON"T.

    • it was about 3 months ..

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