When do you ask a girl on a date?

So say you met a girl and you you've had a couple conversations with her and teased her a little bit but you haven't really gotten to know her well. Like her interest and hobbies. She works in my department but I haven't really gottten the opportunity to have a nice conversation with her yet to actually show an interest in who she is. She does some of the things that girls do when they like a guy. I really think I should make a move on this girl and not wait too long. She's really friendly with me so I think she's comfortable enough with me to go on a date. How long should I wait? I want to ask her on a date and get her number.


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  • Tonight. Ask her out tonight.

    The more that you linger around waiting for the "perfect" time, the faster the time it is that you will lose her to another guy.

    • Good point. Sometimes though I feel like I either move too fast and they get creeped out and are like I don't even know this guy. Or I don't catch the clues and I move too slow and attempt to slowly get to know her.

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  • Don't wait. If you like her, ask for her number, ask her out. She might say no, but then at least you know... and hey, she may say yes :)

    Women like to see *ACTION* - we want the guy to ask us out, to be direct and to be honest.



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  • Yeah, I would do that sooner rather than later. And honestly, if you like her why not ask her out? Also, there are really only two ways to get to know her hobbies and what she likes (well 3 if you include stalking her); one is to go out with her and talk to her about these things in order to discover these interests which may be mutual and the other is to get riskily close to the friend zone which, sadly, few men are lucky enough to escape. So I agree with Aercz