Why is it that he won't talk to me

Hi, Been Currently dating somone online, he tends to be more flirty tha I do when we talk, the other day I sent him a message sayin that I wanted to tell him something, I was back and forth from the computer all day so when I saw his reply, he was offline and he put an angry smiley, so I told him what I wanted to tell him, that I miss him, he read my message but didn't reply... it has now been 3 days without no comunication and he hast been online for two !


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  • It seems that he's just busy so he only get the time to read your messages.

    Or he lose attraction to you since you live too far away from him, and it's impossible to meet.

    • we haven't talked, the last time that he was online I talked to him, he read my messages and didn't reply. so I sent him the final message saying if he didn't want to tell me what was wrong then fine. since then I have deleted him off my friends list. I just feel that something else has to be said

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