WOMEN - Dating someone from your social circle - how do you want it to go

So when dating someone from your social circle women, how do you like your "buddy" to proceed to show you he's interested in you?

How slow of fast do you want it to happen? Do you want him to take his time, or just go at it?

I'm just curious in this, usually I'm really forward with new girls I meet so that there's no chance of them thinking that I want to be friends or anything like that with them.

But if you're already friends or someone is in your social circle that you hang around with... what is it that you do?


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  • I love dating guys in my social circle. Good friends usually make great boyfriends. :) I'd prefer him to move fairly quickly, since I'm always very quick to pick up on when a guy likes me, so there'd be no point in him going slow lol. Usually if I date a guy friend, at some point we usually break away from the group and start hanging out one on one. That's when I start picturing him as my boyfriend and decide if it's something I wanna go after.

    • Yep this is actually my belief of the subject but again like I said, I'm just trying to see how the female view differs from mines. I do always notice the "break away from the group" thing, that's always a gimme lol

  • Tell that person how you feel and hope they feel the same way

    • I've never been big on this one, because in my experience words really don't convince a woman of jack rabbit, words don't change your minds. Seems like if I want you guys to do something I have to make you "feel it" I guess. You guys are more emotional creatures and logic... doesn't play very well. Again that's my experience and take on your kind :)

    • In my expireance with my kind I'm with you on that but sometimes depending on the women logic works but you could try to do something special for her to show her you are interested something that means something to her

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