How do you handle feeling neglected?

My boyfriend (who is sort of jut my best friend that is waiting to date me after his and my religious missions) spends little time with me. We used to be dating but have taken time off for our religious exertions coming up soon. He doesn't text me much and we were seriously thinking of breaking it off because of some ideological differences. We decided to just not think too seriously right now but now I feel distant and like he wants to pull away. Like I said we'd ony see each other often and he never touches me. Have you ever felt neglected or that he/se doesn't like you as much and how did you handle it?


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  • It's a difficult one when religion comes into the picture of a relationship. You have to choose between how much time and energy you're willing to commit to each. If you're convinced that for your spiritual good religion has to come before your significant other, complications can arise.

    It doesn't sound like your relationship holds a huge deal of promise. Confront your boyfriend, and just tell him what you need and go from there. If he's not willing to comply, well go from there too.


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