Do you think he'll give me a date?

I know this isn't the best in terms of deciding if he'll respond because every guy's different's the text convo...

Me: I know/understand that your busy w farmin, work, school & chillin w your fam/buds All I want is 5 min if you don't want to I completely understand But just tell me! No more hee-hawin around! I'm sensitive, but I can handle being shot dwn. I don't want this to ruin our friendship but I wanna knw so I stop buggin ya

Him: I don't see why not!

Me: When? Tomorrow nite? lol I gotta leave late anyway...I got too much crap to do tonite. Or better yet you pick a time/date! I don't know how late you work!

Him: Tomorrow's not gonna work...

Me: lol I figured

Him: hey now

Me: What?! I know you're busy...even if there's snow on the ground! you ass buster U! lol Ha more like Mr. I Have Cool friends LOL OK how bout this...(my God I'm rediculous...) pick a day before May 17 Because that's when I graduate & once I graduate I'm gone from *city where my college is*...

Do you think he'll give me a date? Or are guys not really like that?


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  • He'll give you a date. Keep your hopes up.


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